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Our Story

As a first time mum I wanted nothing but the best for my little girl no matter how expensive, only the best would do. On reflection, I didn’t realise that they grow and their needs change at the rate of knots and no sooner are they in one item and then they’ve outgrown it. I’m left with a beautiful used but practically new item and have to buy the next size on! This led me to selling my practically new items to fund the next size up as needed and so on and so the idea of S€llmedowns was born.


I like the idea of things doing full circle and getting another use, especially things that are in pristine condition and essentially are only barely used.


Sell Me Downs is a one-stop shop to buy and sell quality second hand items for children at an affordable price. From prams to playsuits, we have it all. 

We take pride in carefully curating our product selection ensuring it is in excellent condition before reselling. We look forward to working with you, hopefully buying and selling and completing that full circle making keeping your child looking the part easy and affordable. 

We’ve all heard of hand me downs - now it’s time for S€llmedowns ! 

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